New Abalon Mosaic Tile

The New Abalon glass mosaic tile is sure to make your pool or spa glitter and dance in the light! Available in 6 all new colours from the classic bluey hues of Cerulean and Azure to the pale glistening elegance of Opaline, the latest addition to our large mosaic range guarantees stunning visuals.

The Abalon features an iridescent finish, providing excellent light reflection and adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle to any environment.Perfect for pools and spas, this two-tone tile is the most cost-effective solution in iridescent glass. The tile is therefore perfect for large scale projects, transforming any setting into a twinkling oasis of relaxation!


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Pool Essentials

Indoors or outside, small or large, residential or commercial, a swimming pool can add so much. For some, a pool provides a peaceful oasis, somewhere to relax and entertain. A commercial swimming pool can be for serious fitness training, part of a school or college, a valuable community resource, or a vital element within a luxurious health spa, hotel complex or leisure centre.

Whatever type of pool you are looking for, download from our 'Technical Information' section, our essential guide to tiles and mosaics, fixtures, fittings and finishes for all things pool, pool side and spas. 

Sauna Design - New!


The Scandinavian design Exclusive sauna benches represents a discreet and very practical style. The longitudinal boarding of the benches highlights the sleek look, is comfortable to sit on and minimises exposure to moisture. The Exclusive sauna interior model is also well-suited for large saunas and is designed to withstand continuous, heavy-duty use.
The detachable bench covers facilitate cleaning and installation. The material options include alder, abachi, aspen and heat-treated aspen. The backrests and bench surrounds are made of the same wood material as the benches.


The Exclusive Air sauna interior has narrower bench battens, which further emphasise the airiness and sleekness of the design. The middle sections of the bench covers, the backrests and the bench surrounds are made of narrower, 28-mm-wide material.
The available materials include alder, aspen and heat-treated aspen.
We tailor the dimensions, shapes and panelling of the benches to suit each customer’s specific needs. The sauna heater, lighting and interior decoration are also designed and implemented down to the smallest details for a perfect solution based on your wishes.

Enjoy Endless Swimming in our City Pool

Our City Pool by LUXE Pools is the ideal exercise pool.

The complete package delivered to your door!

Measuring just 4.70 x 2.54 x 1.35m it is a self-contained insulated one piece pool which includes:

  • pre-plumbed filtration, 
  • a powerful 2HP: 1.5kW 2 speed swim jet, 
  • 2 back massage spa seats, 
  • 2 cartridge filters, 
  • LED UW light and 
  • controls - all within the pool shell.

Suitable for in-ground installation with optional support frame for above ground installation. 

Optional: insulated hard cover, 3kW electric heater

LUXE Pools - Composite Technology, finished with 3D Super Granicoat (4 colour options) providing a sparkling and stunning granite type effect that enhances the overall appearance of the pool.

LUXE pools have 5 insulation layers and are extremely robust, being specifically designed to cater for the extreme temperature changes in Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. They come with a 20 year structural warranty and 10 year colour-osmosis guarantee.

Download now from our ' Technical Information & Downloads' section Pool & Spa Collection, an essential tile collection for the swimming pool industry, the Pool & Spa Collection provides an extensive range of established and contemporary mosaic, wall and floor tiles in various formats. With ranges in glass mosaic, ceramic and porcelain with anti-slip options available, the Pool & Spa Collection provides a veritable mix of tiles that are safe for implementation in wet areas.

Alongside mosaics and large format, you’ll also find technical tiles and special pieces which can be customised to your bespoke requirements. Meeting the highest safety standards, we also supply copings, edging, fixings and gratings; many of which perfectly complement ranges within the brochure to create a flawless finish. For the final touches, you’ll also find our recommended industry-leading adhesives and grout for that perfect pool.

By utilising digital print technology, the impressive wood, marble and stone effect tiles offer an authentic and hard-wearing alternative to the real thing. Easily maintained and available with anti-slip options, they are well-suited for pool surrounds in need of a contemporary look and feel - without the upkeep.