Saunas and Steam Rooms

Saunas (Commercial & Domestic)

Saunas, whether for commercial or domestic use, range in price depending on size and the level of specification, from a basic traditional Finnish Sauna to our top of the range luxury saunas which offer some unique and stunning features. These can be custom-designed to suit specific requirements. Our saunas are all manufactured from smooth and mildly aromatic top quality, fine-grained timber which has been specifically produced and treated. We import our saunas directly from Finland, the origin of the sauna, this ensures the best design, quality and craftsmanship.

Click to view - Some of our sauna options.

Infra Red Cabins

Premium range of domestic use infra red cabins designed for the ultimate heat therapy experience. Featuring; unique design for a fast and easy no tools, DIY installation, cabins finished with luxurious and substainable Canadian Hemlock, simply plug into a standard 13amp household electric socket. Superior CarbonFlex™ heating panels which ensure a complete and enveloping soft heat with no cold spots or hot spots, high quality CD/AM/FM stereo system with speakers and remote control, colour light therapysystem for added relaxation and serenity, feature exterior spotlights - topped off with an unbeatable 3 year warranty

Benefits of Infra Red heat - comfortable and warming instant heat, helps detoxify the body by flushing out toxins, deep penetrating heat soothes aches and pains in muscles and joints, full spectrum sunlight therapy, effective in treatment of cellulite and skin conditions, improved blood circulation, improves the immune system, increases calorific expenditure - thus aiding weight loss.
We also offer Infra Red Cabins for commercial use.

Steam Rooms (Commercial & Domestic)

A) Prefabricated Modular Steam Rooms

This range of steam rooms covers most of the popular sizes and configurations. This is the most efficient way to create a steam room. The sections are made from strong ABS plastic panels with smooth and hygienic acrylic surface. The panels are clamped together to create a solid structure with moulded seats and curved ceilings.

The excellent insulation properties of plastic mean that an economic low rated generator will bring the room to temperature in a matter of minutes.

Additional options include; Automatic Essence Injection System, Stereo Speaker Kit with waterproof volume control, Starry Sky alternating light therapy unit.

B) Custom-Built Tiled Steam Rooms

Generally constructed from specialist prefabricated hard foam panels, which offer excellent insulation, the pods are coated and tiled according to specification. Virtually any shape can be achieved with integrated benching or individual seats, barrel, vaulted or domed ceilings. They can be supplied either with or without an integrated floor.

Additional options include; Automatic Essence Injection System, Stereo Speaker Kit with waterproof volume control, Starry Sky alternating light therapy unit and Feature Lighting.

Wet Rooms, incorporating both steam and shower. Construction generally as Custom Built Tiled Steam Rooms above.

Some of our steam room options.

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