Spa Developments, Health Suites and Wellness Facilities

Aquality Leisure specialise in individually planned spa and wellness developments, offering a comprehensive service from conception, design and project planning, through to supply, installation, on-going maintenance and servicing.

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Aquality Leisure are also experienced in providing refurbishment and development services for existing facilities.

Using the best quality components we can offer a wide variety of 'Heat Experiences' some of which include -

Traditional Finnish Saunas, Feature Rock Saunas, Bio Saunas and Infra Red Cabins all manufactured from smooth and mildly aromatic top quality fine-grained timber which has been specially produced and treated for use in these special environments.

Turkish Steam Baths/Hammam, Laconium, Aroma Grottos, Rasul/Mud Treatment, Tepidarium, Caldarium, Kneipp, Salt Mist Caves, Cold Rooms, Ice Features, Adventure Showers, Massage Showers, Heated Loungers and Foot Spas.

Hydro and spa pools of sanitary acrylic, mosaic tile, marblite or stainless steel.

These are offered with a variety of air and water massage systems including fountains, water curtains, cannons mushrooms, waterfalls and volcanoes.

Salt water therapy pools are included in the many options.

Our heat experience rooms are generally constructed from high quality expanded polystyrene hard foam panels with a high bulk density. Produced using an environmentally friendly process without CFC, HCFC, HFC or CO2. The panels, offer excellent insulation and are coated and tiled according to specification.

Virtually any shape can be achieved with integrated benching or individual seats, sloped, barrel, vaulted or domed ceilings. They can be supplied either with or without an integrated floor.


Seating: Choice of seat designs which can be incorporated depending on cabin size and personal preference. These can be supplied fitted with an integrated electrical heating set complete with temperature sensor and thermostat or supplied ready to accept a low pressure hot water heating system.

Ceiling: Choice of different roof designs, e.g. barrel, dome, cross, flat, top hat or dome & flat.

Decorative features: Round, semi-circular or quadrant columns, concave trims and arches, central features and fountains.

Finishes: Glazed ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone & metal mosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, glass blocks, granite, limestone & marble surfaces. Choose from a variety of highlights & borders.

Standard designs or custom-built to individual specifications.

Choose from a wide range of effects including:

  • Floor, wall and seat heating systems
  • Lighting - colour light/photo therapy units, LED, fibre optic
  • Essences/scents - wide variety of subtle aromas
  • Sound Systems - stand alone or linked to existing system
  • Built-in cooling showers & Kneipp Units
  • Intelligent Logic control panel with option of automatic cleaning systems