Commercial Pools

Aquality Leisure has over 25 years experience in commercial swimming pool and spa construction and associated services, and can offer a comprehensive design, supply, installation and ongoing servicing package.

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The company can construct a variety of different types of pool tanks. Here are some examples of different installation methods, which are generally accepted for commercial or semi-commercial applications:


  • 'Shotcrete' Sprayed Concrete – this form of pool is the most versatile and allows for the construction of any shape or size that you/your client require.  Once the concrete is cured, a waterproof screed is applied prior to a tiled finish; alternatively, the pool shell can be fitted with a heavy duty lining system.
  • Hollow Block – this type is constructed using a reinforced concrete base, hollow block wall construction thereafter filled with steel reinforcement and well rammed concrete.  The internal finish is the same as the above.
  • Panel Pool – the third option is to install a panel pool kit.  This could be a stainless steel panel pool finished in polished or satin stainless steel throughout, or finished internally with a heavy duty commercial grade lining system, which can be supplied in different colours and patterns. This is an extremely durable pool system which offers design flexibility and fast efficient construction        
  • Stainless Steel pools, although of high cost due to the material, offer a clean and leak proof design and generally offer considerably less maintenance than more traditional build methods

All of the above are installed following the production of design calculations by Aquality Leisure's structural engineer.  Aquality Leisure also handle all necessary pool plant and filtration, heating and heat recovery/dehumidification plant using only accredited products from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

All of the company’s pool projects are designed and constructed strictly in accordance with SPATA and PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) recommendations. 

The company also offers a full range of ancillary products associated with pool construction eg Spa Pools and Hydrotherapy PoolsSauna and Steam RoomsHeat retaining pool covers, swimming pool competition equipment, stainless steel ladders and handrails and many other associated products

Refurbishment & Renovation

Aquality Leisure offer a range of services which include re-design and upgrading works such as:

Pool regrouting & retiling, infilling, extending, pool liner replacement, pool drainage gully replacement, balance tank cleaning, plant room upgrade/refurbishment, pool cover replacement, water features installation, pool steps and ladders, disabled access hoist installation.

Energy saving upgrades including; pool cover systems, LED underwater lighting, dual speed pumps, inverters, pre-filters, filter media replacement, automatic disinfection, automatic cleaners.